Submissions for reimbursement of expenses

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Submissions for reimbursement of expenses


A successful submission begins with a systematically elaborated submission and pricing strategy. This includes the screening of the market and the competitive situation as well as the evaluation and benchmarking of our own clinical and economic evidence. This should also include payer research and discussions with physicians and decision-makers, e.g. via advisory boards. Furthermore, MArS supports you in the development of the submission documents on the basis of the forms and specifications provided. These differ fundamentally between the countries and are made available by the Joint Federal Committee in Germany, the Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland and the Main Association in Austria. Experienced staff and contacts to the individual institutions help with the optimal preparation of these documents and a successful submission. Possible hearings and comments on provisional decisions or assessments must be elaborated in a targeted manner and often under great time pressure.

MArS can refer to the experience of many different submissions in the D-A-CH countries. These are submissions for drugs, medical devices, diagnostics and eHealth solutions (including apps).

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