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Dr. Stefan Walzer

Dr. Stefan Walzer started in the area of payer strategy, pricing, health economics and reimbursement submissions in 2004 and is the founder of various consulting agencies including P&N in Toronto.

He previously worked as a payer consultant for various global pharmaceutical and medical device / diagnostic companies, successfully launching their products across the world.

Dr. Walzer was also the Global Payer Strategy Leader for various products and compounds of F. Hoffmann – La Roche AG, where he successfully developed early payer strategies as well as launching and maintaining the reimbursement process for top brands and early compounds.

Dr. Walzer is experienced in the development of early payer strategies, the related evidence generation and negotiations. Furthermore, he is also capable in translating the clinical and economic evidence into successful pricing and investment negotiations.

Dr. Walzer received a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Tuebingen (Germany), a PhD in Health Economics from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and a Diploma in Clinical Trials from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK). He is co-author of more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific articles and more than 500 scientific abstracts.

Dr. Walzer is the inventor of the Virtual Reality Bootcamp which is successfully used for negotiation preparations across the globe. He also is the host of the MAP: Market Access Podcast.

Insights and Inspiration: The MAP Market Access Podcast

THE bi-weekly Market Access Podcast provided by MArS Market Access & Pricing Strategy.

Market access in health care is THE key competence in order to be commercially successful with a new drug, medical device or digital health application. However, given the fact that market access is a complex field involving various disciplines and is an ever-changing field, it is difficult to be up to speed with the different evolvements around the world.

MAP is THE bi-weekly Market Access Podcast provided by MArS Market Access & Pricing Strategy, which is your health care consultancy in the German-speaking markets and allows you to keep up to date with market access , reimbursement and pricing issues in the D-A-CH countries and around the world.

With MAP you will get a summary of core market access systems and processes as well as latest changes in regulations including statements and opinions of core decision makers and stakeholders from various countries.

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