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Market Access in Europe

Europe is one continent, with one Union, however there are as many reimbursement pathways as countries. Planning for business success in health care is hence of utmost importance. P&N team members have supported many companies successfully launching their drugs, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health solutions across the world. Contact P&N to start your successful European endeavor.

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What Can We Do for You?

Going Europe

Contact P&N to start your successful European endeavor.


Pricing - planning, research, design, implementation

We help you to figure out how much to charge for a drug or medical device.


Submissions for reimbursement

We take on everything from the planning to the preparation of the necessary documents for you!

Public Relations

Public Relations

Our team will happily assist you in publishing via the right channels, so that the right people will hear from you.

Strategic Pricing Workshop

How to optimally price your product in order to gain investment funds. Plan your access strategies and / or your national and global launches.

Negotiation Bootcamp

How to successfully negotiate with investors, partners and payers.

Evidence Generation Workshop

What do I need in order to validate my price to health technology institutions?

Advisory Board

Optimize your acquired skills until you are confident to enter negotiations with payers.

P&N Makes Your Price and Negotiations a Success!


Independent of if your negotiating partners are investors, cooperation partners or payers; P&N will optimally prepare and coach you to be successful.

After determining the negotiation strategy, we will actively guide or represent you in the negotiations to ensure your concepts and goals are properly communicated.

A systematic and goal-oriented preparation for a negotiation is the key to success. To achieve this we practice different techniques.Most commonly used by P&N customers are simulations using virtual reality.


In order to achieve the best possible price for your product, a detailed analysis by experienced experts is required.

This contains, for example: 

  • Specifications of the product
  • Special features of the indication
  • Analysis of current competitors

The target market, e.g. Canada or the US, should first be evaluated before possible analogue analyses and final payer research are completed.

Successful pricing is not only a matter of clear and strategic communication, but also of a well defined and planned negotiation strategy. 

P&N actively supports you with extensive experience and their network of contacts in the P&N Payer Forum.

Dr. Stefan Walzer


Involved in global pricing and local negotiations since 2004

More than 100 successful negotiations 

Experience in Europe, North America and Asia

Inventor of (first globally proven) Virtual Reality Bootcamp 

Negotiations with health care payers
Executed negotiation preparation-camps

Our Founder

Dr. Stefan Walzer

Dr. Stefan Walzer started in the area of payer strategy, pricing, health economics and reimbursement submissions in 2004 and is the founder of various consulting agencies including P&N in Toronto. 

He previously worked as a payer consultant for various global pharmaceutical and medical device / diagnostic companies, successfully launching their products across the world. 

Dr. Walzer was also the Global Payer Strategy Leader for various products and compounds of F. Hoffmann – La Roche AG, where he successfully developed early payer strategies as well as launching and maintaining the reimbursement process for top brands and early compounds. 


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Our Workshops your Success

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Pricing and negotiations are the cornerstone for your commercial success; from the early stages of a product life cycle until completion. P&N can optimally equip you with the proper tools to negotiate with investors, funders, cooperation partners, health care providers and payers. Real-life experience is simulated with our Virtual Reality Bootcamp. Additionally, pricing will be optimally set for these negotiations and your commercial success.

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