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Strategic Pricing Workshop

How to optimally price your product in order to gain investment funds. Plan your access strategies and / or plan your national and global launches.

Session 1: How can I determine a price acceptable to investors, global companies and payers?

Session 2: What is a price anchor and how can I identify the right one?

Session 3: What is the current care situation and how much does it cost?

Session 4: What is the health economic value of my product? What are price elasticities?

Session 5: How can I validate my chosen price for the product?

Session 5: How and when do I communicate my price tag?

Negotiation Bootcamp

How to successfully negotiate with investors, partners and payers.

Session 1: Who am I and how do I react to stressful situations?

Session 2: What characterizes my negotiation counterpart? How do I prepare effective communication?

Session 3: What is my value argumentation?

Session 4: Definition of BATNA and tactical moves

Session 5: Coaching – utilizing our globally proven virtual reality sessions.

Benefit Assessment

Evidence Generation Workshop

What do I need in order to convince health technology institutions that my price is accepted?

What do I need in order to validate my price to health technology institutions?

Session 1: What is evidence-based medicine?

Session 2: What do payers universally expect and how does that relate to my investment funds and share price?

Session 3: What are my plans for clinical evidence and how does this relate to payers´ needs?

Session 4: Planning for success in terms of clinical trials.

VR Bootcamp

Equip yourself for price negotiation with the MArS Virtual Reality Bootcamp.

MArS has developed different virtual reality negotiation bootcamp simulations in order to prepare for an optimal consultation, oral hearing, and / or price negotiation. All simulations are especially designed and developed based on the latest educational research. The VR price negotiation bootcamp includes a detailed guide book for each negotiation day and virtual reality preparation sessions in the VR rooms that represent the payer side.

Advisory Board

Optimize your acquired skills until you are confident to enter negotiations with payers.

In order to plan and execute a successful commercial launch price strategy and negotiation insights should be taken from clinicians, payers and other core stakeholders. P&N can organize, (execute?) and facilitate contacts with key insights from health care experts around the globe. Global, European, North American or individual country advisory boards (Canada, USA, etc.) are possible. P&N staff has an extensive network to meet your specific needs.

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