Pricing - planning, research, design, implementation

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Pricing - planning, research, design, implementation


In order to achieve the best possible price for your product, a detailed analysis by experienced experts of the D-A-CH market is required. The specifics of the product as well as the special features of the indication area must be taken into account. For example, various indication extensions can have an influence on the long-term price and thus on sales. Furthermore, current competitors as well as future competitors have to be considered – the right price anchor is of utmost importance. The market should first be evaluated before possible analogue analyses and finally payer research might be carried out.

MArS also supports you in implementing the target price. When negotiating contracts and prices, it is not only a matter of clear and strategic communication but also of a well-defined and planned negotiation strategy. This can also be done with the help of simulations and war games.

There is more, for example, in the book chapter “Reimbursement and Pricing”, which was written by Dr. Walzer in the book Business Planning in Health Care (available here).

MArS can actively support you through its long and successful experience as well as through its contacts in the MArS Payer Forum.

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